All-in-One Solutions to Your Window Tinting Needs

At Sol Solutions Window Tinting LLC in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we can install the best window films on your car, home, or business space. Our quality products are made not only to protect your privacy but also to lower the heat build-up in your property. With our window tints, you can get the security and energy efficiency that you need.

What We Offer

We offer a variety of window films that are designed to cater to your specific needs. These include:

Protective Window Tints

We install excellent glass films that are capable of blocking sun heat and UV rays. This will make you reduce energy usage from air conditioning and cut costs on utility bills.

Safety Films for Your Windows

Our team also provides powerful adhesives to firmly protect your windows against the elements, such as storms. Using this product, you can avoid injuries caused by broken glass.


Nearly Invisible Glass Films

While dark and conventional window tints can give you protection, they can also ruin the look of your property and make it difficult to see at night. With our near-invisible window tints, you can still enjoy your privacy without worry.

These also serve as an additional layer that you can easily remove, especially when graffiti is drawn on your windows. You can retain the clean look of your car or building without having to spend a fortune on paint removal or window replacement.

Decorative Window Films

Protect yourself from UV rays with style. We offer a selection of glass film designs that you can match with your car or room decor. You can also conveniently swap them out whenever you want so you can keep up with the latest interior trends.


Get Excellent Window Tints From Us

Let us help you save electricity and keep you safe from harm through our reliable window films. Connect with us today. We serve residents, car owners, and business proprietors in Santa Fe, New Mexico and surrounding areas.