Safety & Security Window Film

Safety & Security Film Defends You Against Break-Ins & Disasters

The unexpected can happen at any time. No matter how prepared your business is, break-ins, theft, natural disasters, accidents, and storms may cause serious damage to your facility – and even threaten the safety of everyone inside.

Protect your investments, your facility and your employees and tenants 24/7 with the incredible strength and durability of LLumar safety & security film for businesses. Sol Solutions Window Tinting in Santa Fe offers a full line of industry-leading window films that provide an extra level of defense against you and whatever’s waiting outside.

LLumar safety film is made of a clear, heavy-duty polyester compound that offers a thin, virtually invisible protective barrier – no one will even know it’s there until a disaster occurs. In fact, the reliability of LLumar security tint is so renowned, the most recognized buildings around the world – from Buckingham Palace to the Vatican – depend on it for additional protection.

Not Just Window Tint – It’s an Invisible Shield

All safety & security films installed by Sol Solutions can guard your facility against:

Dangerous flying glass

When it comes to severe weather, a bomb blast or an accident, one of the most deadly side effects is flying glass from broken windows. LLumar safety & security film holds the window in place, reducing the risk of injuries from dangerous shards.

Forced entry and theft

“Smash and grab” crimes are quickly growing nationwide and in Santa Fe. However, our transparent safety film is incredibly difficult to penetrate, even with a bat, hammer or other weapon or tool. If a thief has trouble breaking in, he or she will quickly move on.

Graffiti and tagging

If a vandal marks your windows with paint, acid, etching tools, or permanent markers, Sol Solutions can peel away the sacrificial film along with the graffiti and replace it with brand new tint. No one will ever know the damage occurred!

With affordable and durable LLumar safety & security film, you can worry less about the threats outdoors and focus more on your business.

To learn more about our safety window film options for businesses, contact Sol Solutions Window Tinting in Santa Fe.