Commercial Window Film

Commercial Window Film Puts the Chill on High Energy Costs in Santa Fe

Protecting the comfort of your employees, tenants and customers is important. But so is protecting your bottom line. Solar gain from the sun can quickly cause your air conditioning system to work overtime, pushing your energy costs higher and higher, year after year.

However, LLumar commercial window film from Sol Solutions Window Tinting in Santa Fe has become the energy-efficient go-to for hundreds of property managers, architects, interior designers, and company owners looking to lower costs and increase comfort. This LEED-certified architectural window tint for businesses reduces utility costs by up to 15% and offers a payback within 3 years. In many cases, companies that install window film are eligible for utility rebates and tax deductions.

Benefits of Window Tint for Santa Fe Businesses

Increases comfort for everyone inside

No one wants their office to be too cold or too hot. Commercial window film controls solar heat gain from the sun, eliminates hot and cold spots, and stops the drafts that accompany untreated windows. You get more usable space from every square foot of your facility, and your tenants and employees are more productive.

Decreases the demand on your HVAC system

Because it keeps the heat and cold outside, window tint reduces the need for artificial cooling and heating. And when your HVAC system does run, it’s more energy-efficient since commercial window film prevents your air conditioning and heating from escaping to the outdoors. That’s big cost savings for your business!

Reduces glare from the sun

It can be difficult to work on a computer when annoying glare stands in your way. Give your employees a clear view any time a day with commercial window film. LLumar blocks 87% of glare without obstructing the natural light every employee wants.

Lowers the risk of fading

UV rays can quickly fade your expensive flooring, furniture, displays, and equipment. LLumar window film for businesses stops 99.9% of them from entering through your windows, preventing discoloration, fading, peeling, and cracking. Plus, this UV defense even protects your tenants and employees against the risk of skin damage.

Protects your facility and everyone inside

LLumar offers both safety and security window film that defends your building against storms, natural disasters, accidents, and break-ins as well as anti-graffiti film that acts as a sacrificial layer if your windows are tagged or damaged by vandals.

In addition to all these incredible advantages, LLumar commercial window film for businesses is also incredibly stylish! With a variety of shades, it can complement your building aesthetics while creating a uniform appearance on the outside. We also offer LLumar’s line of iLLusions decorative film so you can bring a one-of-a-kind look to your interior windows and glass.

For more details on how LLumar architectural window tint can protect your building, tenants and budget, and to receive your free estimate, call the commercial window film experts at Sol Solutions Window Tinting in Santa Fe.
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