Automotive Window Film

Look Cool & Feel Even Cooler with LLumar Car Window Tint

On hot summer days, climbing into your car can feel like stepping into a sauna. After just a few minutes in the sun, your car’s interior temperature can quickly skyrocket, making the drive uncomfortable for both you and your passengers.

Cool down your ride with LLumar automotive window film professionally installed by the experts at Sol Solutions Window Tinting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our industry-leading solar tint controls the passage of the sun’s rays into your vehicle, reducing your cabin temperatures by up to 50% – even before you turn the key – for the ultimate in comfort.

Just as important, LLumar car window tint is available in a variety of chic, soft charcoal shades, from light to dark. Our window film matches your factory glass and complements the look of your vehicle so you can look as cool as you feel!

Benefits of Automotive Window Film for Your Car

Incredible UV protection

Did you know skin cancer is more likely to occur on the left side of your body than on your right? Even when you’re inside your car, dangerous ultraviolet rays (UV rays) can stream inside your windshield and driver’s side window. LLumar car window tint blocks 99% of UV rays so you have added sun protection on every drive. It’s no wonder The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends LLumar for skin safety!

Prevents the fading of your interior

By stopping UV rays, LLumar protects your interior vinyl, leather and upholstery against fading, discoloration, cracking, and peeling. Your car looks as good as it did on the lot, and you can enjoy a greater resale value when you do sell or trade in!

Controls costs at the pump

Because LLumar controls temperatures in your car, you depend less on your air conditioning, which in turn, improves your fuel efficiency.

Reduces irritating glare

Glare from the sun, headlights or street lights is not only annoying, it can potentially be dangerous. Car window tint reduces glare and eye strain so you can better concentrate on the road ahead.

Protects your family on the road

LLumar automotive window film is one of the most durable and reliable window tints on the market. Incredibly difficult to break through, it defends your vehicle against break-ins and theft. In addition, if an accident occurs, it holds flying shards of glass in place, protecting your passengers against further injury.

Looks great for years to come

All LLumar car window tint is custom cut and fit to your car’s exact specifications. It’s also backed by a manufacturer’s warranty against peeling, bubbling or cracking.

Santa Fe’s higher altitude puts drivers at risk of glare and UV rays every time they drive. Protecting yourself is simple – contact the automotive window film installation experts at Sol Solutions Window Tinting, and we can help you find a stylish solar control solution that makes your car as cool as it can be!
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