Anti-Graffiti Window Film

LLumar Anti-Graffiti Film Protects Santa Fe Businesses Against Vandals

Vandalism is a growing problem for businesses across the country, even here in Santa Fe. If your windows or other fixtures are tagged with graffiti, you could end up spending thousands in repair and replacement costs.

LLumar anti-graffiti film, otherwise known as sacrificial film, provides an extra level of protection for your business. This specially designed, virtually invisible film, installed by Sol Solutions Window Tinting of Santa Fe, can be applied to your windows, mirror and stainless steel fixtures. If vandals tag your facility using paint, acid, permanent markers, or etching tools, the sacrificial layer can be easily removed by Sol Solutions, taking the damage along with it. Once a new film is applied, no one will ever know the damage occurred!

More than a Commercial Window FIlm

The flexibility and durability of LLumar anti-graffiti film makes it ideal for any public area, including malls, restrooms, office buildings, and lobbies. It can even be applied to buses and other transportation for extra protection at an affordable cost. And as with all LLumar commercial window films, it blocks the UV rays, heat and glare that can make your building interior uncomfortable for tenants, employees and customers. The cost savings for businesses are huge – a single replacement of just one window can exceed up to 20 times the cost of film installation. That’s why more Santa Fe business owners are turning to anti-graffiti films to defend their facilities.

To learn about LLumar sacrificial film and to receive your free estimate, contact the team at Sol Solutions Window Tinting.